Your Grace!

There is a lot of fanaticism among the people of the provinces in these parts of the country. It seems they are inspired by their leader, Abdul Alhazred. Some people call him 'The Madman'.


  • Infiltrate 4 sectors of Al-Shadyra or 4 sectors of Salfah
  • Acquire 2 sectors of Al-Shadyra or 2 sectors of Salfah


Your Grace!

I inquired a little bit more about this madman. They say he follows the writings of an ancient tome. He quotes it quite often, although it does not make much sense. Something about 'Great Old Gods sleeping, waiting to be woken up'.


  • Hidden reward (1 medium forge point package)

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Sheik Over

Next Quest: Macabre Madman

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