Your Grace!

Psst... I need to trust you with a secret. I got an e-mail from another country. From a real prince there! He inherited a fortune, but he needs my help to access his heritage. He is only asking for a few coins and offers me a giant reward!


  • CoinsPay 1,000,000 coins
  • SuppliesPay 1,000,000 supplies


Your Grace!

I can't believe it! I was conned! There was no real prince! He kept asking me for more and more coins and I got nothing from him! Nothing! I feel so useless...


  • Hidden RewardHidden reward (Supplies10 Supplies)
  • Hidden RewardHidden reward (Coins10 Coins)

Additional Information

NOTE: Completing this quest activates the next quest, Scam and Spam, which has diamonds as a reward. Skippable: YES

Previous Quest: Floating Business

Next quest: Scam and Spam

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