Your Grace!

We should use the opportunity and take Agadar before Joy Danba can get any support.


(Alternative text, if peaceful route: Your Grace! Joy Danba asks you to take full control over Agadar. She wants to move back home.)


Your Grace!

Joy Danba moved back to the homeland of her country. She is focusing on helping her people there. However, I am sure she did not forget about the war yet.


  • 250 Medals

(Alternative completion, if peaceful route. Text: Your Grace! Joy Danba wants to go back to the homeland of her country and focus of helping her people there. She thanks you for your help and promises to support you as long as she can. Reward: 20 Nanoparticles)

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Conquering Agadar

Next Quest: Eyes Ahead

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