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Four new features got released to all players June 29th 2022. On mobile all the features require a player to watch an ad if they have not bought regular ingame items since the time of account creation. There seem to be a specific, but unknown amount a player need to reach before getting ad free on mobile. On browser all the features are ad free for all players.

Aid All[]

Instead of aiding players manually it is now possible to aid them automatically. It's done for Neighbours, Guild and Friends separately. With ads you have to watch an ad for each group you want to aid, otherwise you just press a button.

Aid all without ads

Aid all with ads

Then you have to wait a little while for it to complete, which makes it about as fast as manual aiding. You are able to do other things in the game while the aiding is in progress. All aid rewards gets put in a bag which you are able to collect afterwards.

Reward icon aid all bag.png

Purple Chests[]

Purple Chests are similar to normal Incidents and appear on the grounds around the city. It exists 3 type of chests. The different types all look the same, but with ads you are able to see the available rewards and chances before deciding to open them by watching an ad. Without ads you do not know which type of chest it is, but you collect them for free, just like regular incidents. Note that the purple chests do not count for any quest which requires you to collect incidents.

Purple Chest (ad).png

Possible rewards:

Reward Common chest Uncommon chest Rare chest Chance
Supplies Supplies amount depends on age 40%
Goods Goods 5 15 20 30%
Forge.png Forge Points 3 5 10 20%
Military Unit Military Units 4 10%
Show/Hide Age Distribution of Supplies
Age Supplies
BA ??
IA 1000
EMA 2000
HMA ??
LMA 5000
CA ??
INA ??
PE 15000
ME ??
PME ??
CE ??
TE ??
FE ??
AF ??
OF 85,000
VF ??
SAM ??
SAV ??
SAJM 208,000


There exist a daily quest presented by the musician Mirela.

Questgiver Mus Mirela.png


Greetings! It looks like a splendid opportunity has presented itself. Act now! Watch an ad and earn your reward.

Required (with ads):

  • Watch a Boost icon foe cam.png Video ad

Required (without ads):

  • Gather 1 Coins coin


Well done! Congratulations! You've earned a well deserved reward.

Possible rewards:

Supplies Small supply package
Forge.png 2 Forge Points

Tavern Boosts[]

Either you have to watch an ad, or just click on the Friends Tavern to activate 4 small boosts for 4 hours.

Tavern boosts without ads

Tavern boosts with ads