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Your Grace!
More people should actually go to space! It's so beautiful in the asteroids! Can you help me setting up some advertisements, please?


  • Decoration Build 6 decorations from your age


  • Decoration Build 6 decorations from the previous age


Your Grace!
The number of space travelers already doubled!


  • 50 Processed Materials

Additional Information

Abortable: Yes

Other Quests

You can get any of these quests apart from the ones you have already completed.

Space Age Asteroid Belt Side Quests
PreparationsAntiques from EarthHappy Belt ColonistsCourt Citation ICommunity WorkSynthesizersSpace Cruise ShipsSpace Travel AgencyResearch New GoodsColony ProductionGather Colony GoodsBelt TaxesCollect NickelAdvertisementsMore SpaceshipsFeeling like in SpaceCourt Citation IICollect Processed MaterialSpace Food!ThermostabilizationMining CompaniesBelt Mining H.Q.Space TouristsAsteroid PermissionColony ArmyAntiques TransferClean Water for the BeltFuel for the BeltGoods for the BeltBread and CircusesMagnetic CrystalsGoing New WaysView on EarthIncreased QualityPowered AsteroidsUCP LawProtection from RadiationDig DeeperCourt Citation IIIBromineParticles and HeatInvest in ShreddersBigger ArmyNew Building MaterialFleet of Spaceships