We would like to inform you about some upcoming balancing changes that will complement the imminent Guild versus Guild feature which is due to be released very soon. We have rebalanced some of the Great Buildings to bring new uses for them in the GvG maps. This means your GBs will be immediately helpful in GvG when it is released, giving your guild useful bonuses right from the start. Please see below for more information:

Fierce Resistance

Applies to:
St. Basils and Deal Castle
  1. We have expanded the use of these buildings so they will provide "support pool" bonus for GvG, thus strengthening the defense of the guild’s sectors as well.
  2. We have also renamed the Defense boost to Fierce resistance, and this will now provide +3% bonus to defense AND +3% to attack when your army is defending, per level of the Great Building.

Military boost

Applies to:
Cathedral of Aachen, Castel del Monte and Statue of Zeus
  1. We have expanded the use of these buildings so the attack bonus is also effective in the GvG map.
  2. The Military boost will now provide a +3% bonus to attack AND +3% to defense when your army is attacking, per level of the .
Note that Monastery and Watchfire buildings will not contribute towards GvG and will receive no change.

These changes will become live with the next release (1.20). This announcement is being made early as we want you to be aware of the changes well in advance of the update to avoid any surprises.

These changes will be in effect through the entire game (PvP, GvG,PvE)

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