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Your Majesty/Highness!
Bah! This general of yours, Grivus, is such a bore. No sense of humor, just rules and regulations. I say we play a joke on him - release some of his units, will you?


  • Military Unit Delete any 3 units


Your Majesty/Highness!
Ha ha ha! That was a great fun! Did you see Grivus' face, when suddenly some of his units were missing? That was worth a lot to me!


Coins 1,000 Coins

Additional Information

Abortable: Yes

Other Quests

You can get any of these quests apart from the ones you have already completed.

Iron Age Side Quests
Hide and SeekThe Iron FistGive them CheeseResearch AgricultureUpdate the SpearfightersResearch SewerageBuild an Iron FoundryTreasure Hunt in KarchaguTreasure Hunt in RuugResearch PlowingBuild a Triumphal ArchMeat for the MassesMore Cheese, please.Research MathematicsMore MeatAnnoy GrivusAnnoy FernikusJoke from the JesterFriendly VisitsBuild a BathRaise Mounted WarriorsMore WorkBeautify the CityBuild the PeaceForce the PeaceBuy the PeaceForce the Peace, again

Early Middle Ages Side Quests
Bread for the PoorResearch EconomicsMake Them Smile!Build Frame HousesBlankets for the PoorBuild TanneriesCavalry And InfantryResearch AccommodationAnnoy GrivusAnnoy FernikusJoke from the JesterPayback From The PoorBuild Modern Goods BuildingsWinter Is ComingArcher and MercenariesResearch Heavy Cavalry and Armored InfantryUpdate the SoldiersMake Them Laugh!Research Clapboard HousesThey Love You!More Pelts NeededResearch ExecutionsResearch BridgesShoe ShoeThe Rich are Freezing, tooBuild InnsResearch Physics and FertilizationJester's Girl IA Royal Boot-KickingResearch Crop RotationsJester's Girl IIMerchant's OfferResearch MonarchyJester's Girl IIIJester's Girl IVTake GreifentalTake TeufelsfurtThe Cities of the KaiserinThe Castle of the KaiserinMedieval Center of ProductionBuild Cobbled RoadsCatapults and CavalryCatapults and InfantryBuild all Goods BuildingsMaster of Medieval MilitaryResearch the Whole Early Middle AgesA Good Time for Business