Your Grace!

We are suffering from cyber attacks again. It is serious. Everyone is affected: companies, banks, the government. People cannot trust anyone on the internet any longer. They are confused and scared.


  • PRBU Finish 30 productions in production buildings from your age or 45 from the previous age
  • Happiness Gain 5,000 happiness


Your Grace!

We were able to stop the cyber attacks again and give the people some trust back. However, we are fighting a losing battle here. We have to find out who is behind the attacks and stop him.


  • 3 FPM

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Entering Pala

Next Quest: Mines Ahead! (if you attacked Dr. Couturier) or Couturiers Offer (if peaceful, not to be confused with Couturier's Offer)

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