Your Highness!

Here is the TV show I want to shoot next. It is about an army hospital and its doctors in times of peace. I call it 'B*A*S*H'. What do you say? Radical, isn't it?


  • Military Unit Delete 4 units
  • Collect Coins 100,000 coins

Completion text

Your Highness!

Some people liked 'B*A*S*H'. Like a dozen or so! My next project will be more popular. How about I do a fun action-show about three investigators, called 'Greva's Devils'? Or should I do a gritty thriller called '[player's city] Vice'?


  • 1 Random Reward random reward

Additional Information

Abortable: YES

Previous Quest: Road Warrior or Deep Thought

Next Quest: Graffiti or Married... with Parents

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