Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness! / Noble Ruler!* I am soo [sic] sorry to say, but in my eye (City name) is starting to look bleak and dull. We should do something to beautify it immediately.


  • Happiness Gain X* happiness


Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness! / Noble Ruler!* So pretty! So wonderful! So gorgeous! I love all those new things you had me create! And your people are so happy about it, they even made you some gifts!


  • Random Reward 1 Random Reward

Additional Information

Abortable: Yes

Note: This is a loop quest, that can show up in different eras:

Age Age Happiness
Gain happiness
BA Bronze Age 250
IA Iron Age 600
EMA Early Middle Ages 800
HMA High Middle Ages 1,000
LMA Late Middle Ages 1.200
CA Colonial Age 1,500
INA Industrial Age 2,000
PE Progressive Era 3,000
ME Modern Era 4,000
PME Postmodern Era 4,500
CE Contemporary Era 4,900
TE Tomorrow Era 5,500
FE Future Era 7,000
AF Arctic Future 8,000
OF Oceanic Future 16,000
VF Virtual Future 25,000
SAM Space Age Mars 30,000
SAAB Space Age Asteroid Belt  ?

Other Quests

You can get any of these quests apart from the ones you have already completed during the current era, an era-specific side quest, or a recurring quest.
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