Berserker, a High Middle Age light infantry (or light melee) unit, trainable in Berserker Barrack (3x3) which is unlocked after having researched Counterstrategy technology.

Unlike its predecessor, Mercenary, it has an imbalance in attack and defense points, a defense value of 16 and an attack value of 20, which is the highest among High Middle Age units which is the same as the  Crossbowman's attack. An additional attack bonus of 6 make it very effective against Cavalry units, and also defensive bonus of 6 and 4 in forest and bush terrain respectively. Same as all light infantry, deploy Berserkers in forests and bushes will strengthen them in terms of defense.

It is recommended to combine them with ranged units, such as Crossbowman and Trebuchet. Using ranged units' attack bonus against Heavy Infantry to eliminate them first. Avoid using Berserkers to attack Heavy Infantry, they will easily get killed .

Although they have a high attack value same as Crossbowman, they are less likely to act as attackers but defenders to counter Cavalry.

Berserkers in Battle

A group of Berserkers in forests and bushes maintaining a higher defense.

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