Noble Ruler!

I love these 3D printers! So many cool things you can do with them. What if we were to feed them blueprints - do you think we could print out Great Buildings? I have to go tell people about this awesome idea of mine!


  • GRBU Contribute 33 Forge to Great Buildings or research a technology
  • In a 3D printer, finish 10 productions


Noble Ruler!

Unfortunately, printing out Great Buildings doesn't seem to work. Because of copyright reasons. Can you imagine? Here, I have no further use for those blueprints.


  • Hidden Reward Hidden Reward (1 Blueprint)
  • Hidden Reward Hidden Reward (1 Blueprint)

Additional Information

Abortable: Yes

Previous Quest: Square One or Any Tomorrow Era side quest

Next Quest: Crazy Comandante or The Sheik's Offer or So Yesterday

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