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This is an order of bonus quests, categorized by age.

Bonus quests[]

Early Middle Ages[]

  1. A Hooded Visitor
  2. Under the Hood
  3. Assault and Assassination
  4. Trail to Dunkelwald
  5. Call of the Mountain
  6. Barbarian Frenzy
  7. Barbarian Battles
  8. Barbarian Expertise
  9. Deeper into the Mountains
  10. The Valley of Blood
  11. In the Shadow of the Tarmelmann
  12. The Mountain Monastery
  13. Revenge!
  14. Climbing the Tarmelmann
  15. Murderers Incoming
  16. Murderers!
  17. A Hero's Death
  18. Blood Runs in the Abbey


Early Middle Age Bonus Map
EMA Bonus Map.png
Provinces Rewards
Galgenschlucht CoinsSuppliesMedals
Todespass CoinsSuppliesMedals
Steilsturz CoinsSuppliesMedals
Tarmelmann CoinsSuppliesMedalsDiamonds

Late Middle Ages[]

  1. A Shadow from the Past
  2. A Cry for Help
  3. Push Back
  4. A Bloody Message / A Bloody Thanks
  5. A Bloody End
  6. Choose!
  7. The Siege
  8. Return of the Witch
  9. Witch Hunt
  10. Cursed!
  11. Cursed Again!
  12. Prevent the Curse
  13. Witches' Hammer
  14. Your Choice!
  15. More Enemies Ahead
  16. Ludwig is Back!
  17. Ploy or No Ploy?

Choice in the previous leads to one of these three branches: A, B, C.

A if you trusted Ludwig and traded with him:

  1. Deal with the Devil
  2. The Devil Bearing Gifts
  3. Bearer of Good Tidings

B if you continued attacking Ludwig's territories:

  1. Don't Trust the Devil
  2. Devil on the Doorstep
  3. Intruder Alert

The A+B branches converge here.

  1. Hostage Situation!
  2. The Princess is Free
  3. Force Ludwig Out

The C branch skips ahead to here if you acquired both territories.

  1. Find the Devil
  2. Life or Death
  3. Hall of the Mountain King
  4. Slow progress
  5. Swords and Sorcery
  6. Fast Attack!
  7. Fire and Brimstone
  8. Press on!
  9. Here be Dragons
  10. King's Ending
  11. Dungeon or Death Sentence
  12. Father!
  13. A Maiden's Admiration / A Maiden's Gratitude / A Maiden's Kiss / A Maiden's Reward


Late Middle Age Bonus Map
LMA Bonus Map.png
Provinces Rewards
Ravens Creek CoinsSuppliesMedals
Zaldon-on-Sea CoinsSuppliesMedalsCoffee
Houndsmoor CoinsSuppliesMedalsPaper
Northcastle CoinsSuppliesMedalsPorcelain
Grand Gap CoinsSuppliesMedalsDiamonds
Ashcrook CoinsSuppliesMedalsTar
Queenshope CoinsSuppliesMedalsWire

Industrial Age[]

  1. New Frontiers
  2. Preemptive Strike
  3. Press on
  4. No Rest
  5. Cold, Dead Hands
  6. Counterattack
  7. Bandit Raid
  8. Enemy Propaganda
  9. Which way to turn?
  10. Gonzalez's Last Move / Philipeaux's Last Move
  11. Ruler of the Continent


Industrial Age Continent
Industrial Age Map HR.jpg
Provinces Rewards
Embruniez CoinsSuppliesMedals
Gabordeaux CoinsSuppliesMedals
Ydine CoinsSuppliesMedals
Wenoevre Size.png
Nevarrone CoinsSuppliesMedals
Santa Catalina CoinsSuppliesMedals
Dorango CoinsSuppliesMedals
El Fuego CoinsSuppliesMedalsDiamonds