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The Bronze Age is the second age in Forge of Empires and the first age where cultural, goods, great, and military buildings can be built. This is also the first age with premium buildings costing diamonds to build. The Bronze Age includes four provinces to conquer: Dunarsund, Fel Dranghyr, Tyr, and Hymir.

It is preceded by the Stone Age and followed by the Iron Age.


Bronze Age Map
Bronze Age Map.PNG
Provinces Rewards
Dunarsund Goods
Fel Dranghyr Size.png
Tyr PvP Tower
Hymir Goods


Requirements for Research
Forge.png 127
Coins 2,300
Supplies 2,300
Lumber 2
Marble 2


Residential Buildings[]

Stilt House Chalet Thatched House Longhouse
Stilt House.png Chalet.png Thatched House.png Longhouse.png
Size 2x2 Size 2x2 Size 2x2 Size 4x2
Coins 11 in 15min

Population +22

Coins 80 in 4hrs

Population +32

Coins 32 in 1hr

Population +27

Coins 100 in 1hr

Population +70

Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required
Construction Costs
Coins 40 Supplies 150 Coins 120 Supplies 370 Coins 160 Supplies 300 Diamonds 100
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:15 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:10:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:05:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:05

Production Buildings[]

Pottery Fruit Farm Blacksmith Domestication Pen
Pottery.png Fruit Farm.png Blacksmith.png Domestication Pen.png
Size 4x3 Size 5x4 Size 2x2 Size 4x4
Supplies 50 in 1h Supplies 130 in 1hr Supplies 32 in 1hr Supplies 224 in 1hr
Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required
Construction Costs
Coins 240 Supplies 30
Population 41
Coins 1,750 Supplies 130
Population 50
Coins 430 Supplies 40
Population 12
Diamonds 200
Population 40
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:20:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:40:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:20:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:20

Military Buildings[]

Spearfighter Barracks Slinger Range Horseman Stable Warrior Barracks Thrower Camp
Spearfighter Barracks.png Slinger Range.png Horseman Stable.png Warrior Barracks.png Thrower Camp.png
Spearfighter.png Slinger.png Horseman.png Warrior.png Stone Thrower.png
Light Unit Spearfighter Ranged Unit Slinger Fast Unit Horseman Heavy UnitWarrior Artillery Unit Stone Thrower
Size 3x3 Size 2x3 Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 3x3
Construction Costs
Coins 170 Supplies 110
Population 26
Coins 430 Supplies 280
Population 34
Coins 640 Supplies 420
Population 56
Coins 850 Supplies 560
Population 47
Coins 1,070 Supplies 700
Population 56
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:20 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:30:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:30:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:40:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:40:00

Goods Buildings[]

Vineyard Dye Works Marble Mason Stone Mason Lumbermill
Vineyard.png Dye Works.png Marble Mason.png Stone Mason.png Lumbermill.png
Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 4x4 Size 3x3
Wine Wine
Dye Dye
Marble Marble
Stone Stone
Lumber Lumber
Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required
Construction Costs
Deposit: Grapes.png Deposit: Flower.png Deposit: Marble Rock.png Deposit: Rock.png Deposit: Tree Deposit.png
Coins 340 Supplies 490 Population 108 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:30:00
Production Costs (4 Hours)
Coins 100 Supplies 100

Cultural Buildings[]

Stone Circle School Tavern Theater
Stone Circle.png School.png Tavern.png Theater.png
Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 4x3
Happiness +182 Happiness +240 Happiness +280 Happiness +540
Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required Road Road required
Construction Costs
Coins 780 Supplies 140 Coins 1,500 Supplies 290 Coins 2,900 Supplies 440 Diamonds 500
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:30:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:30:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:40:00 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:20


Bush Flowers Hedge Statue Pillar
Bush.png Flowers.png Hedge.png Statue.png Pillar.png
Size 1x1 Size 1x1 Size 1x1 Size 1x1 Size 1x1
Happiness +20 Happiness +20 Happiness +22 Happiness +21 Happiness +57
Construction Costs
Coins 20 Supplies 15 Coins 16 Supplies 26 Coins 72 Supplies 72 Coins 49 Supplies 49 Diamonds 60
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:05 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:05 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:05 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:05 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:05


Happiness +5
Size 1x1
Construction Cost
Coins 20
Supplies 30

Great Buildings[]

Statue of Zeus Tower of Babel
Size 2x3 Size 4x4
Statue of Zeus.png Babelnew.png
Boost (First Level)
Military Buildings +3% Military Defense and Attack Population +90
None Goods +6 every
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00
Construction Costs
Stone 10
Lumber 50
Marble 40
Dye 40
Wine 10
Stone 50
Lumber 10
Marble 10
Dye 20
Wine 50


  • The Bronze Age is the second of the three prehistoric time periods, with the others being the Stone Age and Iron Age. This time period began around the Western region of Asia with the first bronze tools around 4500 BC, and ended around 1200 BC with the collapse of several Bronze age civilizations due to first iron weapons which were stronger and beaterio for war . This era was characterized by the introduction of bronze, proto-writing, and other early features of urban civilization.
  • - First bronze tools were introduced in Western region of Asia around 4500 BC . The bronze is an alloy of tin and copper .
  • - During this period , the first civilization appeared . The first civilizations were Mesopotamia ( on Irak ) and Egypt . They born near rivers , which make easier farming . At Mesopotamia , people built Zigurats , temples for their gods . The word zigurat was pronunciarse baba-i’m in some languages , the origin of the Tower of Babel . At Egypt , pharaohs were the Kings of Egypt . They built their tombs to pass to the other live .
  • Around 2500 or 3000 BC , a new race arrived Western Europe with a new technology : wheel , riding … that was the beggining of Bronze Age on that area . In Eastern Europe , the Minoan Kingdom developed a urban civilization .