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Building Sets are special buildings that gain additional bonuses when placed next to another different building from a same set. Set buildings were first introduced in the 2017 Spring Event with the release of the Cherry Garden Set.

Buildings that belong to a set are identifiable by the set icon which is displayed in the players inventory next to the buildings picture. In the inventory each set building also has a button for more information which opens a window with full set overview.

With the exception of the Royal Garden Set players were able to earn set buildings as randomly received rewards throughout the corresponding events. That made it possible to gain multiple copies of one of the set building or unluckily not complete the set at all.

All three pieces of the Royal Garden Set were awarded for completing the 5th Anniversary Event questline.

Most set buildings with exception of the Royal Garden Set and the Winter Village Set are still available as a reward in the Daily Challenges.

With the 2019 Winter Event Building Chains were introduced that are somewhat similar to sets but follow a different mechanic.

The footprint in the table below is for the standard layout suggested by InnoGames. Even though sometimes other layouts might be more optimal for bonuses or preferred by some players to give them what they want.


Icon Set Name Buildings Footprint Release Event
Cherry garden.png Cherry Garden Set 5 Size 5x5 2017 Spring Event
Royal garden set.png Royal Garden Set 3 Size 17 tiles 2017 5th Anniversary Event
Indianpalaceset.png Indian Palace Set 5 Size 8x4 2017 Summer Event
Indianfountainset.png Indian Fountain Set 5 Size 6x4 2017 Summer Event
Winter Village.png Winter Village Set 9 Size 26 tiles 2017 Winter Event
Classical garden.png Classical Garden Set 3 Size 4x4 2019 Forge Bowl Event
Piazza.png Piazza Set 5 Size 5x5 2019 Carnival Event
Celtic Forest Set Icon.png Celtic Forest Set 5 Size 5x6 2020 St Patrick's Day Event
Harvest farm.png Harvest Farm Set 7 Size 6x7 2020 Fall Event
Winter Bakery Set Icon.png Winter Bakery Set 4 Size 60 tiles 2020 Winter Event
Horror Circus Set Icon.png Horror Circus Set 5 Size 5x6 2021 Halloween Event
Grand Monarchs Set Icon.png Grand Monarchs Set 2 Size 18 tiles Tenth Anniversary Event
Butterfly Sanctuary Icon.png Butterfly Sanctuary Set 7 Size 7x6 2022 Archaeology Event

Set Bonus[]

Building Sets have a unique bonus compared to the other special buildings, that means the set buildings gain additional properties if placed next to the other buildings from the same set. Note that placing two of the same buildings from the same set next to each other will grant neither of those a set bonus.

For example the Emperor's Entrance comes with the special set bonus. When it is adjacent to other buildings belonging to the Cherry Garden Set, it will receive additional bonuses. The Emperor's Entrance has three set bonuses, that means it will reach it's full potential if it is adjacent to three other different buildings from the Cherry Garden Set.

  • When the Emperor's Entrance has no other buildings from the Cherry Garden Set placed next to it, only coins will be produced.
  • When adjacent to any one other building from the Cherry Garden Set, the Emperor's Entrance will produce Forge.png 1 Forge Point in addition to coins.
  • When adjacent to any two other buildings from the Cherry Garden Set, the Emperor's Entrance will also produce supplies in addition to coins and Forge.png 1 Forge Point.
  • When adjacent to any three other buildings from the Cherry Garden Set, the Emperor's Entrance will also produce medals in addition to coins, Forge.png 1 Forge Point and supplies.

Note that the adjacent three buildings must all be different buildings. Placing for example two Zen Zones next to the Emperor's Entrance will grant the Emperor's Entrance with only one set bonus.

Following this example the Emperor's Entrance in Colonial Age would receive the following resources depending on how many other unique Cherry Garden Set buildings the Emperor's Entrance is adjacent to.

None Coins3,400 Coins3,400
Cherry garden.png 1 Forge.png1 Coins3,400 + Forge.png1
Cherry garden.png 2 Supplies2,600 Coins3,400 + Forge.png1 + Supplies2,600
Cherry garden.png 3 Medals6 Coins3,400 + Forge.png1 + Supplies2,600 + Medals6

Placing Set Buildings[]

Set buildings gain additional bonuses when placed next to another different building from the same set. Players may ignore the layout proposed by the game developers if they choose to.

To activate multiple set bonuses the building must be adjacent to that many different set buildings from the same set.

Players may place two of the same buildings next to one different building from the same set. The one different building still gives the bonus to both of the other buildings.

Some of the set buildings can be upgraded to the higher level. In this case the level is ignored when the set bonuses are calculated. That means after upgrading one of the buildings to higher level all the buildings still keep their set bonuses while some are still lower level buildings. Also placing two of the same buildings with different levels next to each other will not give them set bonuses.

When moving or breaking up sets in the players city the production timer is reset for all the affected buildings. Using the reconstruction mode is recommended for changing the location of the set buildings. In this case the production timer is only reset for the buildings that lose or gain set bonuses after the rearrangements are done.