Your Highness!

One of your sailors, Captain Starbuck, came back from the colonies raving about this newly discovered bean called "coffee". Why, just one taste, and I knew it would be a hit! With this new beverage, the world will be ours... I mean yours. [Quest contributed by pixiejenkins]


(NOTE- Previously text was: One of your sailors, Captain Starbuck, recently discovered a new good on one of the islands. Why, just one taste of it and I knew that it would be a sensation! We will... I mean you will be rich!)


Your Highness!

I knew it! My idea worked and my coffee shops are the sensation of the realm. I'll be... I mean, we'll be rich!


  • 20 Coffee
  • 20 Diamonds

(NOTE- Previously text was: Wasn't I right? We are... I mean you are rich!)

Additional Information

Skippable: YES

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This quest was suggested by player 'pixiejenkins'.

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