Your Grace!

It's incredible, everyone wants a car but whoever already has one, needs repairs. Simply put, if we miss out on this trend we are stupid.


  • Garage 6 Produce 2 cars[1]
  • Garage 5 Produce 1 engine,[2] 1 chassis,[3] 1 cam shaft,[4] 1 steering wheel[5] and 1 hand crank[6]


Your Grace!

At the same rate the cars leave the garages the coins roll in. I love it!


  • 60,000 Coins

Additional Information

Skippable: YES

Previous Quest: Machines of War or Strike!

Next Quest: High Rise Ahead or Rawhide


  1. Car is 1-day production of Garage
  2. Engine is 8-hours production of Garage
  3. Chassis is 4-hours production of Garage
  4. Cam Shaft is 1-hour production of Garage
  5. Steering Wheel is 15-minutes production of Garage
  6. Hand Crank is 5-minutes production of Garage
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