Château Frontenac is a Great Building that boosts quests rewards if the rewards are Coins coins, Suppliessupplies, DiamondsDiamonds, MedalsMedals, or GoBGoods.

Unbirthday Party is a Recurring Quest which asks you to pay an amount of coins and supplies to receive a Random Reward. The exact amount required depends on your era.

If you combine those two facts, you can "exploit" the game: if your Château Frontenac boosts coins and supplies rewards enough so that you get more as reward than you paid for the Unbirthday Party quest, then you can do that quest endlessly.

Required Château Levels

This is the formula used to count the needed level:

  • Rs – small Coins/Supplies reward;
  • Rb – big Coins/Supplies reward;
  • P – amount of resource you need to pay.
$ \frac{280 \cdot P}{2 \cdot R_s + R_b} - 40 $

The following table shows which level you need in every age:

Age Age Château Level
for Coins coins
Château Level
for Supplies supplies
BA 296 240 296
IA 72 72 72
EMA 116 116 116
HMA 147 147 147
LMA 100 128 128
CA 210 215 215
INA 255 194 255
PE 240 179 240
ME 257 189 257
PME 240 167 240
CE 209 174 209
TE 177 167 177
FE 206 240 240
AF 198 222 222
OF 349 385 385
VF 535 583 583
SAM 647 647 647

From Late Middle Ages on, you can have 2 recurring quests at a time, which lowers the required level (because you can use the supply/coin reward for fulfilling a supply/coin quest). From Contemporary Era on, you can even have 3 recurring quests, if you did all of the story quests so far. Story quests appear again, after acquiring certain sectors in the Continent Maps or after unlocking certain technologies. To calculate the required Chateau level with 2 or even 3 recurring quests is much more difficult. But empirically, it's safe to say that Level 150 is enough for Contemporary Era (with 3 quests), or for Tomorrow Era even lower.


The best strategy is to stay in Bronze Age till level 54 and then go on to the Iron Age, and level it to level 72. Then you will have so many Forge FPs that you can easily level every Great Building you want, including Château Frontenac to level 116 to progress to Early Middle Ages.

Important hint: Don't go too far on the continental map! If you scout the sectors Las Penas and Garrincton on the Industrial Age continental map (it looks like North America), you get a Bonus Quest line, which replaces one of the recurring quest givers. This is bad, especially when you are in Iron Age and only have one recurring quest giver, because you would need a technology from Industrial Age to finish the whole bonus quest line.

Other options

From Arctic Future and on, there are several "Gain Happiness Quests". You can do these with much lower levels of Chateau. Which level exactly you will need depends on the costs of the decoration you use.

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