Monday, June 4, 2012

Features: - Guilds have been implemented into the game - Global Ranking has been implemented into the game. -A "settings page" is now available, which allows e-mail and Password changes. This page can be accessed with the cog button in the bottom left.

Interface: -You can now toggle between the guild social bar and your neighborhood -A "social" button has been added at the bottom left containing: Global ranking and guilds -Your global rank i now displayed in the top panel -Your medals are now displayed in the top panel -The "zoom" button now has a scroll-over and a highlight -The building menu now spawns the move, sell and cancel buttons in the mid-top of the screen. -The pvp towers no longer display the total medals. - The tutorial was improved.

Bugs: - Some stings in the battlefield menu scroll-over (example: light_melee) were not translated. This has been resolved - Selling a building would sometimes cause a graphic error. This is now fixed. - "Full" military buildings will no longer be displayed with the idle moon icon. - The values in some buttons were left aligned and are now centred correctly. - The collected Goods now properly refresh, and refreshing the page to see them is no longer necessary. - In some cases troops who died in battle remained stationed in the barracks with zero health. They now correctly die with honour. - The "make one move automatically" battle feature can now be used as intended. - The "gather all" button now correctly collects all resources without causing an error. - Attacking a 0 point player is not possible. Finding something to loot may still be an issue though  - The cancel button in the visiting actions menu is responsive now. - Units no longer face the wrong direction when they attack. - The battle info was cut off on small 13" screens. - Sometimes the battle movement arrows were displayed under the hex field. They now always hover on top. - The movement predictions of some units on the battlefield were not correct. All predictions should now be accurate. - The scout error bug was fixed, which caused the map to crash. - The "Back to map" button in the sector overview would become unresponsive after negotiating a sector. This has been fixed. - The page navigation buttons sometimes became unresponsive, if you returned from the city overview. This issue has been solved.

Improved Quests: - The quest "The Beauty of the High Middle Age" can now be completed as intended. - The quest "Prepare for War" Now displays the full quest conditions. - The quest "infiltrate" now excepts infiltration as a quest condition. - The quest "increasing population" cannot be finished prematurely anymore.















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