Hello Kings and Queens,

Here is the latest update coming to your server on August 22nd 2012! There may be some downtime during the updates and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

These are the changes we made for you in this update.


Trading has gotten a small revamp

  • All goods now have a limited ratio between 0.5 and 2 to prevent multi-accounters using the ratio's to their advantage.
  • Filters are now actually filters. You no longer have to select "Guild Only" if you are in the same guild as someone to be able to trade for free. This means, if you are in the same guild and neighborhood, you will get it for free from wherever you get it.

Other features

  • ​Guild Messaging: Message your whole guild. Share news and updates about your guild.
  • Message multiple users, up to 10 by writing their names "kalle,bobby,bobby1" and so on.
  • Any duplicate goods deposits won for conquering a province will now be replaced with a randomly generated goods deposit.
  • You can now share forum with other guilds.
  • Added tooltips for coins and supplies.

Additional Information We have revamped the Neighborhood bar to speed up the start up of the game. The game should now load a bit faster.


  • Autoattack no longer undoes the player's turn in battle.
  • Market - When creating a new market offer, the goods number no longer move to become un-viewable.
  • The icon for being plundered should now display in the status bar.
  • The neighborhood bar is now updated when attacks happen or clan members leave and so on.
  • The guild ranking pagination has been fixed.
  • The quest panel is no longer shown if you have run out of quests.
  • Guild titles should now be updating correctly.
  • Messages should now be shown correctly if read.
  • Footer in poll threads is no longer broken.
  • Removing a friend from the friends bar no longer causes the wrong text to be shown.

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All the best! The Forge of Empires Team

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