This update took place on February 6th 2013.  Features/Improvements:

  • Duplicate blueprints are now displayed more clearly in the reward screen.
  • If a player is dismissed from a guild, this is now recorded in the player's event overview screen.
  • The autocollect feature now also works for plundered buildings.
  • The "2:1 Blueprintgtrade feature now displays the selected Blueprints for a trade more clearly.
  • To avoid spam, the maximum amount of replies to a message has been capped at 100.
  • Double clicking on units in the army management will now only select a maximum of 8 units, as only 8 units can be used in battle.
  • The "clear message" button no longer also deletes recipients.
  • Clicking on the top right event icons will now move the screen to the nearest affected structure to which this event applies.
  • Points gained for killing battle units have been rebalanced.
  • Bonuses for Great Buildings have been rebalanced (the bonus remains the same, but the value has been changed).
  • The moon symbol in the top right booster bar now indicates idol goods buildings as well.


  • [Build all Goods Buildings] - The quest takes has been simplified.
  • [Mandrubar's Surprise] - The quest no longer requires players to complete the "Multistory Houses" technology.
  • Some mistakes in quest texts have been corrected.


  • Crashes related to disconnecting buildings have been minimized.
  • Premium flag buyers are no longer hassled with unnecessary purchase pop-ups in the guild administration window.
  • Purchasing missing Goods for great Buildings no longer requires a page refresh to take affect.
  • The Double Production Premium feature now displays the correct cost of 25 diamonds.
  • An exploit which allowed players to receive multiple special event buildings was fixed.
  • The Social bar now stays anchored after a visit/attack, and no longer snaps back to the rank #1 player.
  • Some players could not continue unfinished battles. This issue has been solved.
  • The "Important" setting in the guild forum now works as intended once more.
  • Great buildings you donated to now display your rewards correctly.
  • A scroll-bar no longer appears on the right side of the screen when you play Forge of Empires with Chrome.
  • A Guild Forum window display bug has been fixed.
  • Accepting a guild invitation no longer causes a scroll-over display bug.
  • A courser bug involving motivating and then returning to a battle was resolved.
  • Accepted goods in the event overview are now displayed in the correct order.
  • Using the All Guild Members message option when there are no other members in the guild was displaying and invalid name prompt. This problem has now been fixed.
  • Long usernames with 24 characters could overlap the city name's bar when using the mouse over function. This has now been corrected.
  • In the forum, there was an error when closing poll, which has now been fixed.
  • In the description for the Cathedral Aachen there was excessive space between 'The' and 'Cathedral'. This has now been revised.
  • Some text and grammatical errors have been changed.
  • The scroll wheel on the mouse didn't affect scroll bars within the game.
  • When creating a guild, points of the guild creator were not being applied.
  • It was possible to build Premium buildings/expansion without enough Premium. This resulted in a crash, and the removal of the building/expansion.
  • The Army Management's scroll page works as intended now.
  • The Flashing Mail-Box icon now stops blinking after you check your mail
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