Important: Please note that this information is second hand information issued by InnoGames - the game developer. Any questions or complaints are best handled by contacting them.


  • As the self-motivation (double production) feature for Diamonds was

not used too much, and also some players clicked it accidentally (resulting in unwanted Diamonds spending), we removed it. Instead, we introduced a Diamond option to finish productions instantly for buildings that produce only coins or supplies.


  • We fixed an issue with the Forge Points timer not always being

perfectly updated. This led to some weird occurrences, where a Forge Point was added but removed a second later.

  • Sometimes the Great Building contribution window was becoming

unresponsive, after using it to visit a Great Building. This should no longer occur.

  • When plundering other players the plundered resources were added

visually twice. Although this got corrected at a later point, it was confusing because it was displayed as a loss of resources.

  • We fixed a bug where some players after registration ended up with a

player name like guest12313254213. This should not happen anymore and all new players should have a readable name from now on.

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