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  • After looking at your feedback regarding the scouting times for

provinces on the campaign map, we checked them again and decided to shorten them for provinces of the Arctic Future and the Oceanic Future. They will not surpass 3 days any more. Some examples:
The Grotto (Arctic Future): 24 hours (before: 48 hours)
Upper Grotto (Oceanic Future): 48 hours (before: 60 hours)

  • We spotted some areas in the game, where we did not always provide

applicable visual feedback for users. Therefore we now added it in the 'Search Friends' window when no player with this name could be found and after dissolving a guild.

  • The Lord's Manor from the Arthur Conan Doyle Historical Questline is now prioritized when using the 'aid' functionality.


  • A secondary issue causing Happiness quests not to correctly credit

was found after our fix was applied in a previous version. Now all quests should work as intended.

  • An error has been fixed with the GvG tooltip when hovering over sectors causing a delay in being displayed.
  • We fixed a bug where the 'Blast' skill had no value shown in the tooltip.
  • After Guild Expeditions ended, some players could not log in for a few minutes. This should not happen anymore.
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