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We added new functionality in the market, where you can directly select goods from the good-overview. This should increase usability and make it easier for you to trade with your friends, guild mates and neighbours.


  • After the introduction of the last version you reported a problem

with flickering of the screen after switching between browser tabs. As you may have heard, that was a workaround for the Chrome (primarily) problem where the game has been often freezing after going out focus. The flickering itself was caused by forced redrawing of the screen, which mostly solved the freezing problem, but it itself turned out to be too annoying.
Therefore, we reversed it. Please be aware that because of the reverted fix the game may freeze again, on occasion. The development team of Chromium (which Chrome is based on) has been informed about the issue by us and some other development teams who also experienced the problem.
Should the freezing reoccur for you, please consider following workarounds, as we wait for the issue to be solved:
1. Play in a single-tab window (no other tabs opened in the window with FoE).
2. Resize the browser window after the freeze occurred.

  • The values of the medal rewards in the Oceanic Future PvP tower were

not rounded, as opposed to all the other ages. We now aligned the values to be displayed in a more user-friendly manner.


We optimized various translations in the game.

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