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  • The Sundial Spire was added to the aid priority list, so it will be easier to get the additional Forge Point.
  • We worked on several back end technical improvements to make the game more stable


  • In rare cases when your population counter is below 0, it will now

be possible to store buildings that do not provide population.

  • The Arctic Orangery is now aligned with all other Great Buildings and can be built instantly, without waiting 20 seconds.
  • Moving a separate/disconnected building from a set (or the town hall

or streets connecting them), resulted in resetting of the production time of all buildings from that set that were present in the city. This behavior was fixed and it will now only reset the timer of the exact set, the building is connected to, after moving it.

  • The timers of the Forge Point bar, town hall and other buildings were sometimes out of sync, this will no longer be the case
  • A wrong tooltip for validating your e-mail could pop-up for accounts that already validated their addresses.
  • The doubled "Rewards" in the header of the PvP tower ranking was removed and will now be displayed only once.
  • After viewing a Great Building from the GB contribution list, the

overview was switching back to the first page (when having multiple pages on the list). After this update the overview will stay at the opened page, even after viewing details of a Great Building.

  • After disconnecting a Great Building from the town hall, the

provided boosts will still be shown in the boost overview of the town hall.

  • If an offer was created in the market it could happen, that the

"your offer" amount of goods wasn't updated correctly and you needed to correct the amount of goods again. This could also happen, if an offer was cancelled after creating it. Both issues were fixed and the goods in the "your offer" tab should update in an appropriate manner now.

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