Dear Kings and Queens,

The update to version 1.12 will take place on Wednesday, October 16th. This update consists mainly of bugfixes, but watch this space as we've got something a little bit special for you coming very soon!

Please see the changelog below for a list of bugfixes. 

There may be a period of downtime during the update, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

May your quests be victorious, your plunders be fruitful and your guild members loyal!

Thank you for supporting Forge of Empires.


The Forge of Empires Team


  • Scouting provinces could cause an error. This problem has been fixed. (Hotfixed this morning - 14th Oct).
  • Hidden units are now only revealed when the active unit is on an adjacent field.
  • Spearmen were dying to Snipers in battle even though their Health Bar shows otherwise. The unit should die, and the display has been adjusted to reflect this.
  • Last Stand bonus did not appear in "Unit's attack/defense bonuses" on a unit's tooltip. This has now been added.
  • Use of the surrender button while the server was still processing a move would cause an error. It is now no longer possible to surrender until a move is completed.
  • The population counter was not working properly for population gain quests. This issue has been fixed.
  • A battle map for Garrincton has been updated to take the geography of the province into account.
  • Auto-battle did not show the results button immediately during complex battles. This issue has now been solved.
  • Guild forum - Forum post text was centered. This issue has been fixed.
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