Dear FrienDs, 

On Wednesday (January 22, 2014) the FoE team will update Forge of Empires to version 1.18. This update consists mostly of bugfixing, along with some other small improvements and changes. Loading screen hints have been more appropriate for the age of your city, and we've also added a highlight in the battle results screen for defensive units, so you can see at a glance if any were injured or lost. 

There will be a short period of downtime during the update, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. 

May your quests be fruitful, your guild members loyal and your battles victorious!

Changelog 1.18

Features and changes - At the end of a battle in the battle results screen, units allocated to the defensive army are now displayed with the blue highlight border. This should make it easy to see if you need to replace any defensive army units: - The registration mails have been reworked, resulting in more visually eyecatching HTML mails.

- In the loading screen, displayed game hints appropriate for the player' current era.


  • In the Modern Era, the western island of Kyushima had a double reward icon. This issue no longer occurs.
  • The "Play Now" button is no longer cut off in the Opera and Safari browsers.
  • In the inventory, the loading image was displayed over buildings after returning from the campaign map. This behaviour no longer occurs.
  • Attempting to build some Avenues over a Tarmac street caused only the first and last piece of street to be built. This problem has been fixed.
  •  The boost icon for the Chateau Frontenac was not displayed. This is now fixed.
  •  It was possible when building 2x2 roads to get an internal error message under some circumstances. This should no longer occur.
  •  Login Page - The Login button was cut off in some browsers and has now been fixed.
  •  If there is an error with Email verification, in the settings screen, a more useful message will be displayed.
  •  Research tree - Paying for coins/supplies with diamonds caused a graphical glitch in the "Costs to unlock reward" of goods. This issue no longer occurs.
  •  The Login page was missing a supplies image. This has now been restored.
  •  Winning a continued battle gave no reward. This has been fixed.
  •  It was possible to get an error message in some cases, after selecting auto-battle. This has now been fixed.
  •  The animation speed was too fast for the Progressive Era Large Confectionary. This has been fixed.
  •  A graphical glitch with defending armies in the battle map has been fixed.
  •  Some text issues were fixed.














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