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Please note that this information is second hand information issued by InnoGames - the game developer.
Any questions or complaints are best handled by contacting them.

Also, please note that the release date given below is for the EN servers that receive the updates first.

Hello Queens and Kings,

The update to 1.180 will take place on Monday June 8th . There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time.

For the detailed description of the changes, please see the list below:


  • Completing a Mars research while being on Asteroid Belt age, would trigger an exclamation mark in the Asteroid Belt's building menu. This issue has been fixed now.
  • The hint for the quest 'Allocating Duties' was wrong. This issue has been fixed now.

Mobile Only Changes

This is the mobile section of the changelog. These are things that you won't see on the desktop version of the game and only concern the mobile interface or functionality. Keep in mind that the time the mobile update becomes available depends on the stores and can be some days after the release of the browser version. So don't be surprised if you don't see the update on your devices just yet!

  • We fixed a visual issue where set buildings would be shown as disconnected upon visiting a Cultural Settlement.
  • We fixed an issue where only a single type of vehicles and inhabitants were being shown on roads in your city and settlement.
  • The Tech Tree's contribution button was always displaying "~1" instead of "1". This issue has been fixed now.
  • Donating missing F.Points from the inventory to complete a research would, sometimes, display the wrong amount of deducted F.Points. This visual issue has been fixed.
  • We fixed a visual issue where the Asteroid Ice gained as reward with Space Carrier would not be shown.
  • There was an issue where the Guild Expedition ranking would not update properly until revisiting Guild Expedition again. This issue has been fixed now.

In the meantime, our development team is working on the Soccer Event and a Guild Expedition update! Check our Beta server to be always up to date!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires! Sincerely,

Your Forge of Empires Team and FoE Wiki

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