Hello Kings and Queens,

The update to 1.40 will take place on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014. This
time we introduce a brand new "Aid" feature that will make it possible to
help out your friends and guild mates in a more convenient way - you can now
polish or motivate directly from your own city!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team



You can now polish or motivate a random (almost) building in the city of another player by simply clicking a button below his portrait on the social bar. This will not require visiting the city. Attack button in the social bar has been moved to a small button and the Aid button is now in place of the previous Attack button:

Changelog 1.40
  • Aid button automatically motivates or polishes a building of the respective player without visiting him.

How exactly the order of aid works? It's very simple system:

  • Buildings like “Shrine of Knowledge” or “Tigers’ Den” that trigger an additional effect when motivated/polished (most recent age) are prioritized.
  • If there are no such buildings available or all of them are already polished/motivated, the feature will enhance a random building from the most recent age.
  • You will also find the Aid button in the Event history - if someone helped you, you can instantly return their kindness.
  • It is still possible to visit a player and choose which action to do and which building to polish/motivate. Which way will you choose? This is entirely up to you!

Other changes and improvements

  • The "moon" icon is back for goods buildings.
  • The registration form has been slightly improved to make the registration process easier and more understandable.
  • Tutorial graphical assets have been adjusted, to make sure that new players do not have troubles understanding the tutorial steps.
  • The pop-up window for residential buildings has been changed to make it consistent with production buildings.
  • Some battle tooltips have been slightly improved.
  • Great Building construction info in the Inventory has been improved.
  • Animations will be disabled automatically if the game detects that a player is running out of video memory.


UI bugfixes

  • Names for some of the GvG sectors were displayed incorrectly.
  • It was possible to have negative points on the neighborhood bar.

Other bugfixes

  • Registration mails were not sent when player unsubscribed "regular" e-mails from FoE.
  • It was sometimes possible to move helicopter to already occupied position.
  • In some cases missile artillery was not giving any battle points.
  • MIRV couldn't hit the maximum of 4 enemy units.
  • A context loss while the game was running in the background could result in a crash.
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