Hello Kings and Queens,

The update to 1.52 will take place on Thursday, May 28th, 2015. It
includes some minor improvements and changes.

There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize
for this little inconvenience.

Your Forge of Empires Team

Improvements and changes

  • The negative happiness (for example from Junkyard) will be deducted from the provided happiness and not added to the demand for happiness.
  • The decimal separator is no longer shown if the number after it would be just 0.
  • Numbers are no longer abbreviated if there is less than 6 digits to be shown in total.
  • The login page will now show a new, improved social media widget, containing links to all four main social media channels.


  • There was an exploit allowing players to have more than one town hall in the city.
  • A similar exploit made it possible to edit the size of expansions. The vulnerability has been patched.
  • In the PvP Tournament Notification, the text containing your rank and the amount of medals that you've won could leave the allotted space.
  • The "Close" button in the guild overview window was actually displayed as "Save", even when it was impossible to edit or save anything.
  • Attempt to collect Forge Points from Town Hall while having already at least 10 Forge Points available, was resulting in an internal error.
  • When construction is finished, there was only "+" blimp of population but no "-" blimp of happiness. The missing blimps were added.
  • The social bar advance buttons weren't always working correctly, scrolling through the neighborhood and stopping at a random spot.
  • 'Greva's Locker' package description was sometimes incorrect.
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