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Hello Kings and Queens,
The update to 1.59 will take place on Thursday, September 3, 2015. This
update will introduce the new direct attack feature (previously planned
to 1.57) + some smaller changes and a large number of bugfixes.
You may wonder where is version 1.58. As you might have guessed by now (or
you could have seen it on Beta), there were only some small bugfixes in it
(the size of the visible changes was limited by lots of behind-the-scenes
work - you might have read about it in the letter from development team),
so we have decided to not update all markets and merge all the changes from
the previous version into this one.
There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize
for this little inconvenience.
Your Forge of Empires Team

New things

  • Direct attack - originally announced in 1.57 changelog, but as it turned out, the feature needed some additional work, so we delayed it in order to provide better functionality. From now on you can attack units semi-automatically, by just clicking them. If the enemy unit you have chosen can be reached (represented by red sword icon), your current unit will move to an available position and attack the enemy.

Improvements and changes

  • One of the production names for Chemical Plant has been renamed from Preservatives to Additives, in order to remove ambiguity.
  • The event history description in the Town Hall has been reworded not to reference gifts from friends which is not currently a feature.


Some Flash errors were fixed

  • When leaving the game running in the background for an extended period of time.
  • When opening army management.
  • When clicking avatars in group message.
  • In 'Remaining Time' tooltip.
  • In Great Buildings ranking.
  • In trading window.
  • In 'Reduce Training Time' window.

Other Bugs that were fixed

  • Treasure Hunt presented an error when collecting 8 hour chest rewards.
  • The 'Research completed' window took up too much space.
  • Clickable area of treasure hunt icon was too large.
  • Writing a private message was not possible via context menus.
  • Description in the City Animations section of Settings was inaccurate.
  • Description of the city animations setting was changed in order to reflect what really happens.
  • The Guild forum could not be seen after joining a Guild until the user logs out and back in.
  • Guild Rights changes only took affect after reloading the game.
  • Negative Diamonds were sometimes displayed as positive.

And just to give you a small hint about what is in progress: We can now reveal that work on the new messaging system (cross-platform, with some new improvements) is almost finished! You will hear more about it in the upcoming changelogs!















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