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Hello Kings and Queens,
The update to 1.68 will take place on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.
Where is version 1.67? This is a very good question, there was no 1.67
release. The answer is fairly simple though: this update in fact combines
both versions 1.67 and 1.68 in one bigger package.
There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize
for this little inconvenience.
Your Forge of Empires Team

New Things

  • Both the Stone Age and the Bronze Age were updated with some new graphical assets. The first impression of the game should now be much better.
    Changelog 1.681
  • A dropdown filter was added to the Event History. We also integrated a search bar, so you can now search for specific events much easier.
    Changelog 1.682

Improvements and Changes

  • The city grid now shows instantly when the building menu is open.
  • Sorting has been added to the conversation participants list (guild first, then other players).
  • You can now mark all conversations as read at once. You can now also leave conversations (all at once or only chosen ones) directly from the overview.
  • Units are now highlighted on the bottom bar when they are hovered over on the battlefield.
  • The icons and context menus were made more consistent and are now accessible in more places.

Bug Fixes

  • The coins icon on the campaign map was using mobile style instead of desktop style.
  • Wrong button for friend invitations was shown in the event history.
  • 'Collect All' icon was missing if it became ready whilst visiting another's city.
  • The Legendary Confectionary sound was missing.
  • After selling a building with a confirmation window, the screen was getting stuck if you attempt to move a building over that location.
  • Fixed a typo in the quest 'Buzzing Defense'.
  • Great Buildings could be thrown into 'plundered' state, which was blocking the game for affected players.
  • Scouting costs shown on the scout button were remaining visible even when the scout was already en route.
  • The guild invitations screens were showing number of members as 0.
  • Some units were showing 'Skills' header on their tooltips even when they didn't have any.
  • Tooltips of good-producing GBs in inventory were wrong.
  • The game was freezing for short time when a guild description was too long.
  • Aiding was sometimes reporting no available building even though some of them were available.
  • New messages weren't always indicated correctly in the messaging system.
  • Stealth Tank's tooltip wasn't taking rail guns' presence into account.
  • Very long user names were exceeding the allotted space in the 'current champion' field.
  • Happiness condition in some quests were not affected by social interactions.
  • Arrows in the 'new age' window were not greyed out even when there was noting to show.
  • Some rewards icons were not visible on the campaign map when using a small screen resolution.
  • In-game announcements weren't staying minimized on changing screens.
  • Some names in the technology tree were too long.
  • 'Click in background to close' functionality was working for some windows for which it should have remained disabled.














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