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Hello Kings and Queens,
The update to 1.72 will take place on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.
There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize
for this little inconvenience.
Your Forge of Empires Team

Improvements and Changes

  • The Trumpet Icon in the panel on the right side of the screen will now disappear once a notification has been read, as long as the player has confirmed their email address.
  • The Friend Invite Screen has been overhauled. It will now offer more information with more style.
  • When hovering over a good in a goods building, a tooltip will now show you how many of that type you already have.
  • The numbers shown in the PvP towers are now being displayed formatted. (1000 -> 1,000).

Bug Fixes

  • After visiting a player's city through the contribution list for a Great Building, upon returning to your own city, the global ranking page was open. You'll now have an unobstructed view of your city.
  • In rare cases it was possible to receive an internal error when trying to collect the rewards for a recurring quest.
  • The notifications for neighborhood merges were missing. You'll now be informed again when new neighbors arrive.
  • Sometimes during the day, the connection to the chat server would be lost. You will now be immediately reconnected.
  • In some cases, players received an Internal Error when trying to leave their guild. They are now able to leave whenever they please.

More News

  • The upcoming historical questline about Yuri Gagarin has already started on Beta and we'd appreciate your feedback to give it the final polishing.
  • We are also working on some improvements that are targeting performance on all levels and platforms and a more uniformed way to log in to the game for players that registered via Facebook.














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