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Hello Kings and Queens,

The update to 1.84 will take place on September 12th, 2016. There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for this little inconvenience.

Improvements and Changes

  • You can now see the guild treasury history from the last 7 days. To get there, enter the guild screen and then use the burger menu in the top let corner:
  • You will now get at least 1 promethium from every Arctic journey, even if the ship is completely broken and you made the worst possible crew choice.
  • Harbor screen was slightly polished to improve readability.

Bug Fixes

  • The idle icon was missing for the Harbor after the Promethium Extraction research has been finished.
  • Promethium collecting sound was missing. We added it now.
  • Bonus for reaching a new era was granted upon researching a technology and not upon opening a chest.
  • After creating a new guild, the guild window wasn't opening right away, making an impression that something went wrong. We worked on it and the window will now be opening up immediately.
  • When joining a guild, two guild windows would open instead of just one. We will not be cluttering your screen any more.
  • Harbor tooltip was still saying "coming soon" even though it can be now used.
  • Reward for obtaining a sector was granted twice and then removed once, which - while being OK mathematically - was still quite confusing. It will not be happening any more.
  • The balancing of Holo-Holiday Park was incorrect. The Park will now be providing a correct amount of happiness.
  • Description and success condition were inconsistent in one of Mandrubar's Arctic Future quests.

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