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Hello Kings and Queens,

The update to 1.85 will take place on Monday, Sept 26th, 2016. 

There will be a short period of downtime during the update, 
we apologize for this little inconvenience. 

Improvements and Changes

Our artists came up with new, polished Iron Age buildings:

Ironage newassets

We hope that you will like them! 

We introduce a brand new Arctic Future Great Building: The Arctic Orangery!

The building provides a chance of dealing 50% more damage to any same-age unit and produces Forge Points every 24 hours.


Critical Hit

When a unit attacks another unit from the same era, it has a chance of dealing 1.5 times the expected damage.

Against reactive armor, the critical hit will also do 1.5 times the expected damage it can normally take (so if expected damage is 4-4, a critical hit will do 6-6 damage). Against rogues, they initially cannot be affected by this bonus (this goes for all no-age units), but the unit they transform into can use/get hit by this bonus. A critical hit doing at least 11 damage will one-hit kill any unit, even with the morale bonus. This bonus applies to all attacking armies plus your defending army in PvP.
The critical hit will not happen when a unit is retaliating.

Bug Fixes

As always, we'll also fix a few issues:

  • Icons in a few quests were incorrect. We made sure they won't be misleading you anymore.
  • There was still a little glitch in the percentage calculation in the Guild Championships. We made it go away.
  • The Championships required that at lest three guild members took part in the previous round for the guild to be able to participate. This was changed to the correct value of one member.
  • Purchasing goods in the technology tree was sometimes causing an internal error to occur.
  • The multistory houses technology displayed incorrect costs of the "buy all" option.
  • The Hall of Fame could not be stored into the inventory with the "Store building" item.
  • It could happen that a Great Building required more Forge Points than it should for completing a level.

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