Your Grace!

Che Guerrero sent you a message. He is impressed by you and your political skills. He enjoyed making negotiations with you, and he hopes for a close collaboration in the future. He also sent you some presents.


  • Pay 60,000 Supplies
  • PRBU Finish an 8-hour-production 5 times


Your Grace!

Hmm. I believe that, as long as you keep Che close and treat him well, he might be a valuable ally.


  • 25 Textiles
  • 25 Fertilizer

Additional Information

This quest's requirements are unclear. It is possible to receive it if you got all the sectors of Rung Chien Dau or Cai Chet Nui that you had already acquired by negotiation ONLY.

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: East vs West

Next Quest: Business with Che

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