Classical garden

The Classical Garden Set is a building set released in the 2019 Forge Bowl Event. The set consist of three buildings which all can be earned during the event from the daily special rewards.

The buildings that belong to the set are identifiable by the Statue icon (show on the right). which is displayed in the players inventory next to the buildings picture.

Each building gains set bonuses while placed next to another buildings from the same set. The standard layout of the the Classical Garden Set has a size of Size4x4 tiles like presented below.

Classical Garden Set

Following the introduction of the Antiques Dealer it is now possible to obtain a Classical Garden Selection Kit that lets you choose any one building from this set.


Building Provides Set bonuses Size Road
Classical Garden Pool Classical Garden Pool Happiness happiness
Defense (boost) +4% defense boost
Attack (boost) +5% attack boost
Classical garden 2 Size 4x2 Road Required Road required
Classical Garden Patio Classical Garden Patio Coins coins
Supplies supplies
GoB 3 goods
Classical garden 2 Size 2x2 Road Required Road required
Classical Garden Statues Classical Garden Statues Happiness happiness
Taxes coin boost
Supplies supply boost
Classical garden 2 Size 2x2 Road Required Not required


Resources from the Classical Garden Set buildings can be collected every Clock24 hours. Some of the buildings have passive effects and can not be collected from.

Table below shows the combined properties of a full set.

Coin Boost
Supply Boost
Defense (boost)
Defense Boost
Attack (boost)
Attack Boost
BA 410 200 220 +6% +8% 3 GoB
(all ages)
+4% Defense (boost)
(all ages)
+5% Attack (boost)
(all ages)
IA 560 480 530
EMA 690 800 880
HMA 800 1,120 1,230 +7% +9%
LMA 940 1,480 1,630
CA 1,100 2,250 2,070
INA 1,250 2,810 2,510 +8% +10%
PE 1,370 3,410 2,950
ME 1,470 4,240 3,430 +9% +11%
PME 1,670 5,330 3,920
CE 1,930 6,940 4,400 +10% +12%
TE 2,350 8,040 4,930
FE 3,040 9,220 5,410 +11% +13%
AF 3,690 10,470 5,940
OF 4,570 11,810 6,510 +12% +14%
VF 6,020 13,230 7,040

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