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Diamonds are the "premium" currency of the game that can be bought with real money and can be spent on almost all aspects of the game. For example players can buy premium buildings, forge points, expansions, missing blueprints, goods etc.

Players can receive diamonds in game through some quests, buildings, Guild Expeditions rewards and conquering certain provinces, however those occurrences are fairly rare.

In the 2013 Summer Event there were a chance of winning diamonds at the wheel of fortune. In the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Winter Events had a Diamonds 250 diamond package as a daily price in a single day of the event.

Diamonds are shared between all worlds on your same account. If a player that has a city in two or more different worlds earns diamonds in one of them then those diamonds can be spent on the other worlds. This has led some players to build additional cities that focus on building Wishing Wells to get diamonds (the only reason why they have these cities is to get diamonds). Those cities are sometime referred to as diamond farms. The purpose is to use those diamonds to benefit the main city of the player. Diamonds are not shared between different regions but only worlds that are in the same region (e.g. DE, US, EN,...).

How to get[]

The first and most obvious way to get diamonds is to spend real money. The cost depends on the region and the package. Buying larger packages give more diamonds per every unit of currency spent. However there are various ways to gain diamonds without spending real money.

Guild Expeditions[]

Guild Expeditions is one of the main sources of diamonds for a lot of players. At the first three stages of the guild expedition players are able to gain diamonds as a reward from every fourth chest. There is a chance of 5-25% of receiving Diamonds 10 to 100 diamonds. The chance and the amount grows as the difficulty increases. In level 4 there are four chest that each have 50% chance for Diamonds 25 or 50 diamonds and two chests that may have a 50% chance for Diamonds 50 or 100 diamonds.


Some Story Quests and side quests have a certain amount of diamonds as rewards.

Some recurring quests, event quests, story quests, and side quests have a random reward which can be diamonds. The chance to earn diamonds is around 1% However players can earn diamonds only once per each different quest. That means when a player receives diamonds for completing a recurring quest then the very same quest does not have a chance for diamonds when it is completed the second time.

Special buildings[]

Some of the special buildings have a chance of rewarding diamonds.

The Wishing Well, the Little Wishing Well, the Fountain of Youth and the Little Fountain of Youth can be collected every Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24 hours and have a chance of rewarding Diamonds 50 diamonds. The Hedge Maze can be collected every Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)12 hours and also has a chance of for Diamonds 50 diamonds. For each of those buildings the probability for diamonds is around 1% with each collection.

The level 8 Crow's Nest can be collected every Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24 hours and has a 5 % chance of rewarding Diamonds 25 diamonds.

Great Buildings[]

The Château Frontenac increases the rewards gained from completing quests by a certain percentage. At level 10 the Château Frontenac increases the rewards by additional 150%. This Great Building is a good way to increase the (rare) diamond rewards from the quests.

The Seed Vault gives the player a chance of getting random resources when aiding another player. There is around 1% chance that the resource is Diamonds 50 diamonds.

The Blue Galaxy gives players a chance for doubling resources when collecting from other buildings. For this to produce diamonds it is necessary to collect previously mentioned special buildings. However players must keep in mind that the chance for getting diamonds from those special buildings is very low and the Blue Galaxy does not guarantee double collection even when the diamonds are collected.

The Himeji Castle gives the player a chance of getting different rewards after successful battles. There is around 1 % chance that the reward is Diamonds 50 diamonds.

The Space Carrier, like Himeji, gives a small chance, as little as 1% of getting Diamonds 50 Diamonds as reward.


Some of the provinces give diamonds when conquered.

Age Province Diamond reward
Early Middle Ages Tarmelmann Diamonds 100
Late Middle Ages Grand Gap Diamonds 100
Industrial Age El Fuego Diamonds 150
Modern Era Toimuro Diamonds 200
Postmodern Era Dong Bang Song Diamonds 100
Postmodern Era Rung Trai Diamonds 100
Contemporary Era Qumeira Diamonds 150
Tomorrow Era Desierto de la Muerte Diamonds 200
Future Era Bisoraba Diamonds 200
Arctic Future Nilak Diamonds 200
Arctic Future Spirit Plane Diamonds 300
Virtual Future Black Net Market Diamonds 100
Virtual Future Max's Shelter Diamonds 200
Virtual Future Alpha 1 Omega 2 Diamonds 100
Virtual Future Pulse City Diamonds 200
Virtual Future Three Oc3ans Diamonds 200
Virtual Future Berta's Byte-Sauce Diamonds 200
Space Age Mars Akuppers Diamonds 250
Space Age Mars Vaanderbirch Diamonds 250
Space Age Asteroid Belt Hektor Diamonds 250
Space Age Asteroid Belt Vesta S-1 Diamonds 250
Space Age Asteroid Belt Fides Diamonds 250
Space Age Venus East Aaromka Diamonds 250
Space Age Venus Oharzee Diamonds 250
Space Age Venus East Tarax Diamonds 250
Space Age Venus Zaddha Diamonds 250
Space Age Jupiter Moon Nerandec Diamonds 250
Space Age Jupiter Moon Arhadh Diamonds 250
Space Age Jupiter Moon Nazzeraq Diamonds 250


Rare incidents have a small chance of rewarding Diamonds 5 diamonds.

Inviting friends[]

Players receive diamonds when they invite other people to play the game. To do that players much share their invitation link. Note that the invited player must use that link to register an account and must play in the same world as the one who invited. Players can delete invited players from the friends list and still receive diamonds. For each new player the one who invited is rewarded diamonds when the new player reaches certain ages. The rewards are following:

Crew members[]

Hiring a crew member within Arctic Harbor or Oceanic Terminal with the skill Scavenge has a small chance to yield up to Diamonds 35 diamonds after finishing a trip.

PvP Arena[]

In the PvP Arena, either winning or losing a battle has a small chance to reward Diamonds 20 diamonds.


Diamonds can be spent on a variety of different things, for example:

  • Purchasing expansions for the city. The number of available expansions is finite and some of them can only be bought with diamonds. The total number of expansions that can be bought with diamonds increases by two for every age the player has researched. The price for every expansion is listed in the here.
  • Purchasing blueprints for Diamonds 200 diamonds each. This might be better idea than the 2:1 trade-in because players know what they are going to get. Players are unable to buy a duplicate copy of a blueprint. This might be useful if the player is looking for one last blueprint.
  • Purchasing special buildings, resources, or items from limited time offers, which usually last Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24 hours or less. Those offers occur a once in a while.
  • Purchasing special resources in some events to advance further and gain more rewards from the event.
  • Earlier events had daily prizes that could be purchased the next day with diamonds.
  • Purchasing premium buildings in each age. These buildings are far superior to other buildings of that age. Premium buildings also do not require a technology to unlock them, they become available once the player reaches a certain age.
  • Finish building construction instantly. The cost depends on the building time.
  • Finish building construction of province buildings within Guild Battlegrounds for Diamonds 50 diamonds each.
  • Purchasing attempts in the Guild Expeditions and PvP Arena.
  • Unlocking additional slots in military buildings. This varies between Diamonds 30 to 300 diamonds, depending on the age and type of building.
  • Training military units instantly, for Diamonds 50 diamonds. Generally this is not efficient use of diamonds, but there are exceptions like Rogues, Champions, and Military Drummers which take longer than Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4 hours to train.
  • Healing and reviving units. This costs Diamonds 4 diamonds per hit point. Dead units can only be revived immediately after the battle they died in. Reviving units may be a good idea if the unit is not attached to a building.
  • Scout a province immediately. Players can not pay diamonds to scout a province that could not be scouted otherwise. This costs Diamonds 50 diamonds.
  • Missing goods and cultural goods for unlocking technologies, building Great Buildings, negotiating provinces, or unlocking advancements in the Cultural Settlements can be substituted at the price of Diamonds 5 diamonds per missing unrefined good. Refined goods cost Diamonds 10 diamonds.
  • Purchasing forge points for Diamonds 50 diamonds apiece. Unless the player needs forge points desperately (e.g., to go up a rank in a great building construction before someone else does), they are not worth diamonds. (Forge point can also be purchased with coins).
  • Paying for coins or supplies required to unlock technology. Players then do not have to pay coins or supplies to unlock the technology. This costs Diamonds 60 diamonds each.
  • Immediately refresh the Antiques Dealer 24-hour timer. The price starts at Diamonds 50 Diamonds and increases with frequent use; the price will reset to Diamonds 50 Diamonds after the player stops using the option for several days.
  • Refreshing PvP Arena opponents for Diamonds 75 diamonds.
  • Exchange tasks of daily challenges for Diamonds 25 diamonds, or selecting the next day's challenge for Diamonds 300 diamonds (exclusive to the Illusionist)
  • Unlocking additional emissary slots in Town Hall for Diamonds 800 diamonds each.
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