Your Grace!

Even though we are on somewhat good terms with Abu Harbi I don't trust the man. I believe he is preparing to betray and attack us! We should find out more.


  • Province Scout the province east of Kardad
  • Province Infiltrate 3 sectors of that province


Your Grace!

Abu Harbi is delusional! We were able to secure some secret documents suggesting that, indeed, he is preparing some campaigns against us. It looks like he wants to attack us with our own weapons!


  • Coins150,000

Additional Information

You get this quest only if you have dealt with Abu Harbi peacefully so far. If at any time you attacked him you get Dictator's Delusion instead (the two quests have the same requirements, but different texts and different rewards).

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Dictator's Dream

Next Quest: Dictator's Decision

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