Your Grace!

It is time to move out of Che Guerrero's area. It seems that in the west and in the east of the bay revolutionist leaders are in control. However, they have different ideologies and methods. Let's find out more!



Your Grace!

The leader in the east, Ho Minh-Chi, is liked by the people. Yet the woman leading the revolution in the west, Quat Vat Dinh, is feared. They tolerate each other for now, but people expect them to clash in the future.


  • 2 Random RewardRandom Rewards

Additional Information

There's a typo in the in-game completion text: "Quai" is called "Quat". This typo is preserved in the text here on the wiki.

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Gaining Influence

Next Quest: East and West or Checkmate, Che! or El Comandante or Cheerful Che (depends on previous actions)

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