this set is for Bonus Quest only

1 click on contribute in the upper right corner

2 click on add a page

3 title the page with the title of the quest then copy the quest from the game into that page as best you can include the following

a name of the quest & who gave it

b his quote to you

c what needs to be done

d what the reward is

e the prceding and following quest (if you know)

4 save the page then come back to this page click on edit

5 go to the list under the letter your quest starts with to the link to page before the one your entering in alphabetical order click on the end of that line and then hit enter and a dot (a buullet will apear)

6 enter the title of the quest (which should be the same as the page you just made )

7 highlight the page name only and then click on the chain symbol in the edit toolbar

8 save the page

Easy edit bonus quest a-i


  • A


  • B


  • C


  • D


  • E



  • G


  • H


  • I

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