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* 1 Random reward
* 1 {{Random}} random reward
== Additional Information ==
== Additional Information ==

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Request Edit

Your Grace!

A new province, new shocking discoveries: Colonel Oumee's mercenaries keep a tight grip on the population of Bisoraba. They burn villages, shoot people or torture them. Everything, just to secure Oumee's reign!


Completion Edit

Your Grace!

The level of suffering is bad. Colonel Oumee needs to be stopped. Please.


  • 1 Random Reward random reward

Additional Information Edit

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Taking Botuku or An Old Acquaintance (Future)

Next Quest: Bisoraba Action or Friendly Greetings[1]


  1. Friendly Greetings only appears if the player did not declare war on Joy Danba earlier in the map.
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