The Eternal Tree of Love is a decoration first given as a reward during the 2015 Valentine's Day Event.


The Eternal Tree of Love has magenta or maroon leaves, along with a mossy trunk, a white two-seater bench, multiple decorative flowers, and a stone-work path around the tree. There is also three carvings on the trunk of the tree with initials "R+J", "J+R" and "R+M" which relates to the names Romeo and Juliet from the 2013 Valentine's Day Event quests, Jack and Rose from the 2014 Valentine's Day Event quests and Robin and Marion from the 2015 Valentine's Day Event quests.


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Bronze Age ?
Iron Age ?
Early Middle Ages 720
High Middle Ages ?
Late Middle Ages 900
Colonial Age 1,060
Industrial Age 1,190
Progressive Era ?
Modern Era ?
Postmodern Era 1,460
Contemporary Era 1,690
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