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Latest Events

2022 Wildlife Event

4th July 2022 - 17th July 2022

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2022 Soccer Event

2nd June 2022 - 22nd June 2022

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2022 Archaeology Event

2nd May 2022 - 22nd May 2022

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Tenth Anniversary Event

30th March 2022 - 19th April 2022

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There have been various Events in Forge of Empires since the first one (Halloween Event) in 2012. They have fallen into three different categories Seasonal, Special and Historical Quest lines.

Before you can take part in Events you will need to unlock the Bronze Age technology of Cultivation (this originally opened the Treasure Hunt as well).

Events consist of a series of time limited quests that reward you with either event currency or a prize once each quest is completed and sometimes both. No quest can be aborted during an event, as there are normally 2 options provided for those that are not able to complete one of them.

Events have offered special buildings for completing the Event. While some will reward you one for completing a number of Quests during the Event, these Events also offer Upgrades to the building for completing more Quests as well as completing the Event.

Seasonal Events[]

See Also: Seasonal Events

A Seasonal Event can be linked to a specific time of the year and normally occurs every year. The Halloween and Winter Events have been ever present. Valentine’s Day, Easter and Summer came next and while we have lost Valentine’s Day & Easter, we have gained Carnival & Spring in their place. Mayday was introduced briefly, later that year the Fall Event first appeared. The Summer Event is the only Event that will move between July and August, it appears in July when there is no Soccer Event[1] and in August when there is one. Carnival has since been replaced with a marmite[2] event St Patricks Day.

Special Events[]

See Also: Special Events

A Special Event does not fit into either the Historical or Seasonal spheres. The FoE Soccer Cup was introduced to run at the same time as the FIFA World Cup, it returned two years later for the UEFA EUROs, returning for a third time once again for the FIFA World Cup, then again a year later for the Women’s World Cup. Other Events have included Forge of Empires birthday events, and a Memorial Event to remember Anwar Dalati key member of the Forge of Empires team who sadly died. In 2021 A new Special Event was introduced, it was called the Wildlife Event and had a new style mini-game. To celebrate the Games 10th Anniversary in 2022 a one off Event was held. 2022 Also saw the Fellowship Event for the first time.

Historical Questlines[]

See Also: Historical Questlines

There have been 21 Historical Events while 24 had been planned. The introduction of the Cultural Settlements, seems to have taken up most of InnoGames time leaving the last three Historical Events unfinished and with no planned release dates.

Event Surprise Box[]

See Also: Event Surprise Box

This was introduced at the start of 2021 with the Forge Bowl Event, it is received upon completing the 1st Daily Quest of each Event, this requires the Main Quests to be completed first. It will normally contain a Selection Kit for the next Event, then either Goods of the players age or Forge Points and finally another reward to help during the upcoming Event. The key point was that the box cannot be opened until the Next Event starts and has a timer that allows a player to know how long is left to go.

Event Hub[]

See Also: Event Hub

This feature was introduced part way through 2021 with the FoE Soccer Cup Event, it replaced one of the Milestone Rewards. It provides a reward directly after an Event concludes and is only there for a limited time. It did not return in 2022 due to technical issues. As such the Winter Event was the last Event it was available for.


The Grand Wheel in the Summer Events first appeared in 2014 and has been a constant feature meaning this is now the longest running Event NOT to have Daily Specials/Prizes.
The Carnival Event tried Daily Reward Chests in 2017, the following year the chest changed every 12 hours, before in its final year in 2019 you had two chests that changed every 6 hours as did the Special Prize in them (only time we could not keep up with the list of Special Rewards).Its replacement does not use daily specials instead encouraging players to open as many chests as the player can afford between a set of repeating minigames.
Daily Prizes were first introduced in the 2014 Winter Event, they did not return until the 2015 Winter Event. In 2016 we saw it tried in the last Easter Event and the first Fall Event.
The new Event of 2017 Spring Event also had Daily Prizes as did the new Event of 2018 Forge Bowl Event, the next to introduce Daily Prizes was the 2018 FoE Soccer Cup Event.
In 2019 the Archaeology Event was introduced with Daily Specials, before finally being added to the 2019 Halloween Event, the only difference being that the Daily Prizes do not change at midnight on the local server, instead they stay for a complete 24 hours, this is due to these two events occurring during the time of year that most countries change their time by 1 hour so as to ensure maximum daylight during what was considered normal working hours.

The following table lists all the events that have occurred as of date in the game, categorized by year and type.

Other Events[]

Seasonal Events
2022 Forge Bowl EventSt Patrick's Day Event
2021 Forge Bowl EventSt Patrick's Day EventSpring EventSummer EventFall EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2020 Forge Bowl EventSt Patrick's Day EventSpring EventSummer EventFall EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2019 Forge Bowl EventCarnival EventSpring EventSummer EventFall EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2018 Forge Bowl EventCarnival EventSpring EventSummer EventFall EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2017 Carnival EventSpring EventMay Day EventSummer EventFall EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2016 Valentine's Day EventEaster EventMay Day EventSummer EventFall EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2015 Valentine's Day EventEaster EventSummer EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2014 Valentine's Day EventEaster EventSummer EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2013 Valentine's Day EventEaster EventSummer EventHalloween EventWinter Event
2012 Halloween EventWinter Event
Special Events
2022 10th AnniversaryArchaeology EventSoccer EventWildlife Event
2021 Archaeology EventFoE Soccer CupWildlife Event
2020 Archaeology EventFoE Soccer Cup
2019 Archaeology EventFoE Soccer Cup
2018 FoE Soccer Cup
2017 5th Anniversary
2016 FoE Soccer Cup
2015 Memorial Event
2014 FoE Soccer Cup
2013 Leonardo's Visit EventBirthday Event
Historical Questlines
2018 Napoleon BonaparteCleopatraVincent van GoghSacajaweaGenghis Khan
2017 Tour de FranceAlbert EinsteinArthur Conan DoyleShah JahanMarilyn MonroeGalileo GalileiMahātmā GandhiRosa Parks
2016 Martin Luther King Jr.Leap YearYuri GagarinIsadora DuncanMary StuartSisiThe Montgolfier Brothers
2015 Columbus
  1. Originally only football played by men was used, however since 2019 all major international tournaments are used.
  2. People either hate it or love it.