Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness!* A typical old man's problem: I can't sleep well these days. I could use the time in the laboratories on research. What do you think?


  • Tech Buy X* Forge Point(s)


Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness!* At times it pays off to be an old man - I was able to use my sleepless hours for additional research.


  • Random Reward 1 Random Reward

Additional Information

Abortable: Yes

Note: This is a loop quest, that can show up in different eras:

Age Age Tech
Forge Points
BA Bronze Age a
IA Iron Age a
EMA Early Middle Ages a
HMA High Middle Ages a
LMA Late Middle Ages a
CA Colonial Age a
INA Industrial Age a
PE Progressive Era a
ME Modern Era a
PME Postmodern Era 4
CE Contemporary Era 4
TE Tomorrow Era 4
FE Future Era 5
AF Arctic Future 5
OF Oceanic Future 5
VF Virtual Future 15
SAM Space Age Mars 15
SAAB Space Age Asteroid Belt  ?

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You can get any of these quests apart from the ones you have already completed during the current era, an era-specific side quest, or a recurring quest.
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