Fernikus is a talented architect who is really absorbed in his work. He is enthusiastic like a young child when it comes to architecture and beautiful buildings, and he will always try to get permission to build more new buildings. However, his enthusiasm sometimes goes a little too far, and you'll have trouble slowing him down if he is really in a construction frenzy.

Fernikus, also known as the Builder, gives quests, most of which are related to constructing buildings. These quests can often be aborted.


Almost never will you get a quest which does not deal with buildings and/ or construction, even remotely. He is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to building and right from the Stone Age he treats them with love and care. His attention regarding his buildings is such that it borders on obsession. However, evident by his quests his attention and affection is limited to the buildings of the player's current age or later. More often than not, he treats buildings of previous ages with distaste. However, he still feels remorse for tearing them down. Also, Fernikus is protective towards his buildings. He hyper reacts whenever someone (read Rinbin) attempts to destroy his buildings. He will pester the player to build more and more buildings. However, he is immensely loyal to the ruler and like his colleagues, will never hesitate to help the player.

Throughout the Ages

Gallery of Fernikus
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