Noble Ruler!

Normally I would have thought I misplaced it, but it is too big: That means, someone stole my 'flux condensator'. It is not doing anything, but I still can't allow anyone to steal from me.


Noble Ruler!

So, Rinbin took it? And it disappeared? Very mysterious. Well, thanks for your efforts.

  • Hidden Reward 2 hidden rewards [2 FPL]

Additional Information

You will only receive this quest if you help Rinbin "borrow" the flux condensator in the previous quest.

The amount of supplies required is a reference to 25/10/85, one of the dates on which the events of Back to the Future take place.

Abortable - YES

Previous Quest: The Time Machine (quest 2/3 in this side questline)

Next Quest: The Invisible Tower or Trolling of Tomorrow

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