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Forge Plus (FoE Plus) is a new subscription-based premium feature offered by InnoGames. It was released on the beta server as an A/B test on 12 January 2022 and is now available for everyone on the live servers since 26 April, 2022.

The FoE Plus Carriage

The FoE Plus window can be accessed from the chariot near the river between the Castle and Antiques Dealer.

The package costs 30 euros or its equivalent in the player's local currency and lasts for 28 days. However, another 50 euro version is available. At this moment it is not known how to switch between the deals as the assignment seems to be random. Currently only one package is available - the Counsellor Package. Only one FoE Plus package may be active at any given time.

Counsellor Package[]

The boosts mentioned below do not scale with age. They are constant irrespective of your progress in the game.

Image Name Description
Reward icon forge plus forgepointlimitincrease.png Increased Forge Points Storage Increases the Forge.png forge point bar limit to 1000. After the package expires any overflowing FP are retained.
Reward icon forge plus collectall.png Collect All for Free The Collect All feature is available for free. Additionally, all productions can be reset at once and even available incidents are collected together.
Reward icon forge plus boosts.png Town Hall Boosts A 15% attack and defense boost is provided to both, attacking army and defending army.
Reward icon forge plus givereward.png Reward Delivery The player will get Goods 50 Goods and Forge.png 10 Forge Points once per week.
Reward icon forge plus antiquesdealeritemexchangeexclusivetimer.png Exclusive Timer An additional 48h option is available while bartering items in the Antiques Dealer.
Reward icon forge plus freeantiquesdealeritemshoprefresh.png Refresh the Shop The first reshuffle of the Antiques Dealer shop items is free each day.
Reward icon forge plus doubleemissarycollection.png Emissary Double Production The first two emissaries assigned in the Town Hall produce double the rewards.
Reward icon forge plus avatarframe.png New Avatar Frame FoE Plus users get a special golden border around their avatar in the social bar. This is optional and can be disabled in the settings.
Reward icon forge plus unithealrecruitmentboost.png Recruitment Boost The time to recruit and heal units is reduced by 12%.