Hello future Lords and Ladies and welcome to Forge of Empires,

Have you ever dreamt of being the Ruler of a vast realm? Reigning over a small stone age village and turning it into the greatest metropolis ever built? Seeing your city evolve and change over the course of centuries? Trade, research, create mighty armies and face your opponents on the battlefield? Forge of Empires will make your dreams come true! Come and play, take control of a city and become the leader of a community of workers and soldiers work for you. Research the differents Eras unlock new technologies. Expand your territories in epic battles or trading skillfully to ensure conquer more and more remote areas,

Battle against other players in the PVP's Tower and test your skills as king and warlord. You'll need all your wits and and courage to overcome the challenges you are waiting.

We at InnoGames took all of the experience and knowledge we collected from our previous strategy games like Tribal Wars and Grepolis and tried to create the best strategic experience imaginable in the browser.

And a limited number of players will soon be able to tell if we were successful: Pre-register now and maybe you’re one of the lucky few to experience our “exclusive preview” of the game.

Forge of Empires – Time for a new Era

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