Finally! Today the English version of Forge of Empires went into open beta! There are no bss participated in the exclusive preview and closed beta of the game, you’ve been a tremendous help. We really appreciate your support!


A little bit of info for you in advance: There will be no server restarts. All players will keep the cities they built so far. Same goes, of course, for your process in-game, your resources and diamonds. But please keep in mind to log-in to the right world. We started the new world “Brisgard” today, but the closed beta players should be situated on our first world “Arvahall”. So, nothing will change for you guys, except the fact that you will be having a much larger community of fellow Forge of Empires-players.

Forge OB Blog launch 2

To everyone new to Forge of Empires: Welcome! We really hope you enjoy the game. Feel free to read the previous blog posts to find out everything you need to know about the strategic city-building awesomeness that is Forge of Empires (not to forget the single-player campaign, tactical battles, competitive and cooperative features, a.s.o.). If you need some in-depth advice, encounter a bug (we almost got rid of those pesky critters!) or just want to exchange experiences with other players, check our forum: [[1]] (also accessible via the game).

We wish you a lot of fun playing Forge of Empires!

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